Additional Services

School Bus

※ Not available on event days
※ All prices are monthly and for round trips only.
※ The service can be suspended or modified in accordance to the number of passenger, maintenance and other reasons.


Well-balanced lunch is provided by a company specialized in food for kindergarten (¥11,000/month).


Morning extension: 8:00 - 9:00 (¥600/ 30min.)
Afternoon extension: 14:30 - 18:00 (¥450~/30min.)

Extra-Curricular Programs

After school, STEMON (programming and IT), Saturday school, dance workshop, private lessons, seasonal programs (Winter School, Spring School, Summer School), soccer programs are available.
Please visit our extra-curricular program session for more information.

Global Step Academy (Online Services)

Global Educational Partners do not simply focus on English education, but also aims to raise children who will be successful in the global community.

Global Step Academy (GSA) believes that education is the backbone of success. It is a life-long process that builds the fundamentals and cultivates the intellectual, creative, personal and social abilities of each individual.
It provides the resources and tools in making each child's dreams come true. Built under a group of teachers with extensive experience in international education and watching students over decades grow up and successfully prosper around the world, the founders of GSA understand the importance of the education process.

GSA has built a informed global education service that supports families and their children throughout their entire educational experience starting from pre-school to when they apply for their first jobs.
Whether it's their in-depth studies at secondary school or entering adulthood at high-school and college, and the in-between stages such as camps and internships / apprenticeships we know that each phase and stage is essential along the path to becoming responsible and successful individuals in an ever more rapidly globalizing world.

Global Step Academy Official Website: