GSA International School offers an international minded curriculum which focuses on stimulating the children’s interest and passion, making learning relevant for them. Children are encouraged to think on their own and look for answers themselves. Class activities for all subjects are all linked together with the use of thematic units.

Main Subjects

All classes are taught in English (except Japanese lessons).

① Languages (English and Japanese)
Students practice pronunciation, reading, writing and listening on a daily basis, all in a fun way. We believe that learning languages correctly is extremely important to develop communication skills and the ability of understanding different cultures.

② Mathematics
From the concept of numbers, length and weight children will learn simple arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. We teach the children to understand how math is used in everyday life with fun and intuitive activities.

③ Physical Education
Students start developing their gross-motor skills such as running, hopping, jumping and throwing. Ball games are also an important part of our physical education curriculum, as they help developing teamwork and communication.

④ Dance
Dance will nourish the students’ sense of rhythm and help them to freely express themselves. In addition to performance, it will also develop the children’s ability to communicate a message through group dancing and enhance their ability to perform in front of a public audience while having fun.

⑤ Music
Children will learn singing and basic musical theory. We also focus on developing rhythm and playing simple instrument.

⑥ Other Subjects
In addition, our curriculum also includes the key academic subjects of art, science, social studies and presentation skills.