Following are the frequently asked questions from the applicants. Please look through these questions for your reference.


Q: When can a student enroll?

A: Our school year starts in April. However, we accept applications all year in case there is availability in the classroom.

Q: Is there an entrance examination?

A: For K4 / K5 classes, there is a short exam to test the student’s English and basic Mathematics skills.

Q: Can we enroll after coming back from a foreign county?

A: For returnee students, we will require a submission of all application forms provided by our admission office before scheduling a Skype interview. Acceptance will be notified from the school within a few days. Once accepted, the student is required to take a health check at the hospital and submit the result. 
For further information, please contact our admissions office.

Q: What kind of forms are required?
A: Please request a copy of our application form from the office. We also request all students to take a medical examination and provide a certificate prior to enrollment. The parent-teacher handbook distributed by the school shall also be signed in order to complete application procedures.

Q: Please explain the application process.

A: Applicants will be given the opportunity to visit and observe the school. For K4 / K5 classes, there will be a short exam to test the student’s English and basic Mathematics skills.

Q: Can we visit the school before applying?
A: Yes. Please contact the office for further information.

Q: Can a student without any English experience enroll GSA International School?

A: For PRE and K3 classes, student will be required to take follow up classes. For K4 and K5 classes, English skills will be necessary for application.

Q: How much English skills do parents need?

A: Common language in GSA International School is English. Communication between the Homeroom teachers and parents will be in English. There will be parents from foreign nationalities in GSA International School. However, our bilingual staff in the main office will support the parents with no English proficiency. We recommend parents to be actively involved in the communication with school in order to achieve and develop their multicultural knowledge.

About the school

Q: Does GSA International School have an approval from any school accreditation institutions?

A: GSA International School has been registered as unlicensed childcare facility in Tokyo. GSA International School is certified to "meet the guidance and supervision standards" as an educational facility.


Q: What kind of curriculum does GSA International School adopt?

A: Our curriculum is partly original and is based on global education and full of hands-on activities. Please visit our Curriculum page for more information.

Q: What is the main language at school?

A: English is the only language spoken at school. Japanese can be spoken in the office and in case of emergency only.

Q: Why do you focus on sports and music?

A: Sports and music yields a critical thinking skills, leadership, patience and responsibility, which are the basic characters of global leaders.


Q: How many students are in the classroom?
A: up to 10 students in Preschool and up to 20 students in Kindergarten.

Q: Where do the students come from?

A: The students’ nationality varies in each school year; so far we have ha Japanese, American, Philippine, Chinese, Korean and Thai students.

Japanese students represent the 45%,

American students the 35% and students with other nationalities 10%.

Q: Are the teachers licensed?

A: Teachers in charge have Japanese / Foreign Kindergarten / Nursery care license. Some assistant teachers also hold Nursery care license, contributing in maintaining a very high educational quality.

Q: What is the main lesson time?
A: 9:00 to 14:30. We also provide extension until 18:00 for a price.

School Life

Q: Is there a school bus?

A: We provide school bus service from Yokota Base (East Gate), Kunitachi, Takahata Fudo, Hino, Yaho and Tachikawa. Most students access via monorail, car, or bicycle.

Q: Is there a school uniform?

A: There is a school T-shirt worn for Sports Day and outdoor activities; other than that there is no designated uniform.

Q: How does the school contacts parents when the student get sick on campus?

A: When the student shows symptoms such as fever or vomiting, the staff will observe them in a different room while contacting the parents.

For minor injuries such as minor scratches our personnel will take the first aid care. If the student is severely injured, we will consult the designated hospital.

Further information is noted in the School Handbook. Parents will have the chance to consult the handbook with the office staff when enrolling.

Q: What kind of events are attended?

A: Opening Ceremony, Sports Day, Tanabata Festival, Field Harvest Experience, Special classes, Halloween, Winter Festival, Graduation, and others.

Q: If the student are not potty-trained, would the school train them?
A: We will. However, parental support will be necessary.

Q: Does the school have an insurance?

A: We have school contract group accident insurance and facility liability insurance.


Q: What kind of school can GSA International School students can attend after graduation?

A: There are usually 4 paths that students follow after graduation:

1. Tokyo West International School

2. Other International School

3. Private Elementary School

4. National Public Elementary School